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Project for the weekend - or brain transplant between Linux Boxes...

Today I will be completing the move of motherboard and associated hardware into the case where an Asus P3C-D - Dual Pentium (Slot 1) with 2@ 800 MHz processors 1/ 1GB RDRAM used to live.  About 6 months ago the power supply began failing, during installation and testing of out portable generator I shut it down and it has not been up to full multiprocessing mode since.  The boot drive, a 500GB IDE drive needs to be replaced and the information on it recovered, but the largest IDE drives I can find locally are 320GB and that's not large enough.

Based on the vintage of the Linux on the machine, the age of the motherboard, failing powersupply and general need to consoludate this and another Linux box who has a few noisy fans into a single machine.  I am moving a Giga-Byte GA-8KNXP with 3.2GHz, single core, Hyper-Threaded, 2GB memory into the case, freshening some of the optical drives and adding 2@ 3TB WD Red drives for migration of storage from some of the old IDE drives.

So far I've done a power calculation; and will need a larger powersupply than we have at the house, so with my desire to change some of the fans in the destination case to enhance the quiet in my office and the need to get a much larger power supply, >600 Watts, I will be venturing out into the rainy today...

Hope everyone is well.

...And now coffee! :)
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bear colors for Alex, deceased.

for JWP

Green Grass And High Tides

In a place you only dream of, where your soul is always free

Silver stages, golden curtains, filled my head plain as could be
As a rainbow grew around the sun, all my stars above, who died
Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see
These lovely people played just for me

Now if I let you see this place where stories all ring true
Will you let me past your face to see what's really you
It's not for me I ask this question as though I were a king
For you have to love, believe and feel
Before the burst of tambourines take you there

Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone, soul and glory
Lost faces say we adore you
As kings and queens bow and play for you

Those who don't believe me, find your souls and set them free
Those who do, believe and know that time will be your key
Time and time again I've thanked them for a peace of mind
That helped me find myself amongst the music and the rhyme
That enchants you there

Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone, soul and glory
Lost faces say we adore you
As kings and queens bow and play for you
Yeah they play just for you

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To all my geeky LJ folks - SNMP MIB question /CISCO WAP4410N

I'm playing with a CISCO WAP4410N and I'm looking for the SNMP MIBs that apply to it so that I can do snmpwalk or the like and gather statistics.

I've got this URL: which seems quite happy to give me MIB files if I can figure out which ones I want.

I'm hoping this is not an opportunity to write a script that will gather all the files available and then see which one decodes the most OIDs for the device...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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milk going bad before its date - an opportunity to install sensors

Yes, the last two half-gallons of skim milk have started to turn sour a day and days before the date on the container. I suspect the refrigerator may be the culprit. As some of you may know I have a penchant for remote monitoring, there are sensors in and around the camper in season, there are sensors in and around the apartment and the house. All dutifully monitored and watched over by rescued laptops or re-purposed network devices (NSLU2).

I've decided to reuse a set of temperature sensors that I had on the camper's propane tanks to monitor the temperatures in the apartment fridge and freezer to see if what I was seeing earlier today is actually what's happening. Yesterday I put the temp probe from my DVM into the fridge and saw that the temp in the refrigerator section went from about 36 degF to 43 degF. Earlier today I was watching the real-time readings and I saw them drop just after the compressor & fans started and then I saw them rise slightly and then drop and rise about a degree or 2 a couple of times and then the temp started back down. The odd readings prompted me to setup the newly re-purposed propane tank sensors to monitor the fridge and freezer. I'll keep you posted on the findings. ;)

Be Well,
For example, this is the last set of readings from the camper before I shut down the NSLU2 for the season:
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pinwheel spinner seems hosed - is there a new virus in the wild?

Thank you for choosing Neustar. A representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'Jon N.'

Jon N.: Hello. How may I assist you?

you: Hi Jon N

you: I noticd that you folks are the DNS provider for and your - is not responding

you: it is blocking access to their servers.

Jon N.: That would be a question best handled for our support

Jon N.: I dont have access to that type of system.

you: ah, well please let your support folks know that your network is having a problem...

you: $ nslookup >
Default server:
> ;;
connection timed out;
no servers could be reached

> server
Default server:




you: good day & good luck!

Jon N.: Thank you

Jon N.: i will have them check this out

you: excellent.

you: bye

you: thanks

Jon N.: Thank you
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philadelphia waterworks COLD

posted this comment to the folks at / purveyors of fine Photoshop seminars.

Hi Folks,

I am grateful to receive e-mails about the NYC tour, but The Javits Center is heinous and I prefer to attend your presentations and seminars in Philadelphia where the presentation space is located nearer to good food.  Again because, IMO, the food vendors in the Javits Center are sad and the food inside is overpriced and nasty.  I also think its ridiculous to have to wait on line for 20-30 minutes at a hot dog cart across the street from the venue because that's the only place you can get decent tasting and not-overpriced food.

So please sign me up for notification for your presentations in the Center-City Philadelphia area also.

Thanks for listening!
Be Well,
Jeff Huyler
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Geek Needs Assistance w/ CSS & JQuery, etc...

OK this one is for all my geeky [said lovingly] LJ Friends;

In CSS (and possibly JQuery) - Is there a way to make one of several collections within  <div id="aa01">...</div>,  <div id="aa02">...</div> ... etc tags to just simply disappear and relinquish their space until I want the grouping to appear and take up space on the page by changing some properties of the aa## tag?

There will be several groupings identified by id="aa##" and I only want the non-hidden grouping to actually take up space when its visible - its for a page switching effect for an image gallery menu.

The page is build by a PHP script currently and the thumbnails just stream two-by-two down the page.  I want to create some kind of page switching menu so that the page length will remain manageable.  I've created another, simpler PHP generated page and I'm using logic to determine the group number and id aa##. 

I've got CSS that will make the first grouping initially visible and hide all the others - partially working.  The hidden/visible part seems to be working, but the hidden groups are still taking up space on the page, so the page, with 5 of the 6 groupings hidden, is as long as it was when all the groups were visible.  I haven't (yet) found the way to make the hidden groups take up NO space on the page, or stack on each other below the visible grouping.

I'll be using the JQuery framework, because there is a JQuery plugin already on the page and some other suitable plugin to modify the aa01, aa02... tags to do the visible / invisible stuff.

Hum stacking via positioning - maybe that's what I need to try...  Hum, interesting...


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