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The truck, absentmindedness and the rain storm.

For those who haven't read Dave's njbigbear post clicky, have a look and come back...

So, yesterday I picked up a wet/dry vac at the local home improvement store and headed over to Dave's office - they have two large roll-up loading dock doors and a couple of outlets near each so I could get power for the vac. I started vacuuming and was surprised at the amount of moisture that the seats, the under seat storage and the carpet was holding. I vacuumed for about an hour then had to get back to the apartment to resume my workday. Good thing, too, because I got a new trouble ticket on my way back to the apartment.

This morning I discussed getting a dehumidifier from the local home improvement store, taking the truck back over to Dave's office and placing the dehumidifier inside and leaving it to run for a few hours, then I would check it from time to time and empty the catch container as needed.

We are expecting company, family... really, tomorrow and he, Jason mrwhistlebear will be staying with us for the better part of the following week. The original plan was to tidy and clean the apartment today. The double effort of tidy/clean at the apartment and running over to check on the progress of the truck dry-out would clearly have been too much. As it was, Dave & I had a tiff about something trivial and it escalated into kinda-ugly fairly quickly.

Shortly before I headed out to find a dehumidifier, I remembered a conversation that we had with Ed from Dave's office - he had suggested calling the dealership to find out who they used for clean-up of this type of thing. It seems that he had taken their Equinox in for service and the dealership left the sunroof open over the weekend, during a rainstorm and returned the vehicle to him without so much as a word about the water damage. A quick Google search, a couple of clicks and I was looking at This webpage. Called the local number, the operator took my info and I got a call-back fairly quickly. I told the fellow from Servpro, John, what had happened and he confirmed that they would use a dehumidifier to dry out the inside of the vehicle.

I asked the cost of the service, he quoted me about $400 plus $180-200 for the weekend emergency call-out. I hung up and Dave & I debated the merits of the, rather expensive, service. We have no garage available and the drive-in loading dock at Dave's office has a shipment to go out, waiting at the apron, plus I was having trouble with asking the office to pay for the electric to run Servpro's industrial sized dehumidifier. A few minute later, John from Servpro called back and asked where our garage was... We have no garage, but could probably arrange access to one. He thought and offered that he could perform the service at their location and that it would increase the total by $100 .

As I write this the truck is over at Servpro being dehumidified/dryed, we're just about complete with the tidy/cleaning at the apartment and Dave has started vacuuming the apartment.

[BTW - this is the 6th edit that I've done on this posting] :(

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