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Mom is in the hospital, via ambulance and the ER

She called from the ER at 4:30 Tuesday and said that he had fallen on/off the patio and the landscaper was there cutting the lawn and raking leaves and he called for the ambulance.

She is doing well considering everything. Fr Joe was there when Dave & I arrived. Eric from the church arrived shortly after.

The orthopedist told us that it's a very clean break and that he doesn't see many broken femurs that are broken that cleanly. Knowing that she has a history of smoking and had a single mastectomy a few years ago, we asked if the break could have been caused by (other) factors and he addressed our concerns as best he could given that there were no tests done in that respect. He said that if the break had been caused by a (cancer-type process) there would typically be a hole evident and the X-rays don't show that.

Given her medical history she would need to be cleared by her doctor before they would schedule the operation to align the bone sections and install the pin (and screws). Her MD visited, checked her out and advised that the operation would, most likely be Wednesday afternoon.

Xray of Mom's left FemurXray of Mom's left Femur

I'm beat, Dave is beat and has headed to bed.
I'm going to head to bed shortly, too.

Mom's a feisty old broad, she survived breast cancer in her 60's, she has had open heart surgery with triple bypass and a valve replacement in her early 70's, a broken wrist last year and her broken femur, in her 76th year.
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