Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

flickr oddness.

So Friday I'm surfing flickr and I come across some really great shots and artwork and I favorite a couple of them. I didn't make any comments, just a couple of favorite-ings.

I added the guy as a contact so that I could get back to his work and check it out some more.

1:02 AM Friday - the guy makes me a contact - cool.

I checked the guy's profile a couple of minutes ago and the guy has blocked me.



Why is it that, sometimes, random relatively neutral/negative acts like this, by absolute strangers, affect me so strongly in a negative way?

I could easily understand it if I had made an off color comment or stole his work and called it my own. But I didn't and I haven't.

According to the (help message) that accompanies the block notice says that it prevents me from favoriting, friending, commenting and contacting him via flickr. I'll bet that the guy doesn't even realize that he has an e-mail address for himself publicly displayed on this flickr profile.

again - HUH?

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