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Mom update

The sign off process for the transfer has been a little involved and I'm glad that it was considering that she is 76 and had a 2 hr orthopedic surgery on Wednesday this past week for a broken femur.

She was checked out by her orthopedic surgeon yesterday and was told that she was doing well and could be transferred to rehab, pending a Doppler study and a visit by and the approval of her G.P.

Apparently the nurse that changed her dressings yesterday made note of something that concerned the surgeon and he re-visited her this morning before the Doppler.

I called Mom around 1230 and found out that she had the tests and had been seen by and was released for transfer by her G.P. and that she would be transferred this afternoon.

Got a call from Mom around 2PM to tell me that she was leaving the hospital to be transferred to the rehab facility. She asked that I call a family friend who might be visiting today to let her know.

I got a call a short while ago from Mom telling me her new phone number and that she had arrived and had completed the intake process at the rehab facility - Kessler Institute.

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