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back on 11/11 I placed two online orders via .
the first order was for a 500GB internal HDD and a 1.5TB external HDD.
the second order was for a docking unit for a portable drive that I had bought from another retailer.

I chose the BestBuy in New Brunswick as my pickup location and the online storefront showed that they had all three items in-stock when I placed the orders.

I checked my e-mail and saw 3 of the 4 potential e-mails about the two orders. I got confirmation e-mails for both orders and I got an OK-to-pickup e-mail for the two HDDs.

I was short on time so I left for my appointment in Piscataway expecting that I would be able to pick up either two or all three of the items that I had ordered.

about 15 or 20 minutes for a late breakfast at McD's, about an hour drive to my appt, about an hour for the appt. and about 20 or so minutes to get to the store. cool, maybe all three items will be ready when I get there.

I approach the customer service counter and present my order confirmation e-mails. the rep advises that I should have waited for the second e-mail for both orders...

whatever. bring me what you have.
she brings over the two HDDs - cool.
she asks for the card and my ID, checked the name on the card with the name on the ID, compares my likeness on the license with my face in front of her, checks the card # with the card # on the order, completes the sale and charges my card.

I ask about the third item, the dock for the portable HDD, she checks the cage - nothing, she checks their inventory, she calls someone from the department and then goes over to fellow assisting another customer on the floor, who comes over to tell me that, while their system shows that they have two in stock, he's sorry, they checked all the places it might have been, but they couldn't find one to sell to me.

OK [to the woman rep], cancel the order.
she asks why.
simple, I'm not from around here and I knew that I would be passing by here today and ordered these items from her store because it would be a minor alteration of my trip to pick them up.


yes, oh.
please cancel the order.

well, sir, you'll need to call the 800# on the e-mail to cancel the order, we can't cancel online orders for you in the store.

hum, ok.
I read the e-mail more carefully and see that the order will cancel itself in 3 days if not picked up. ok, I decide to wait for the order to cancel itself.

this evening while we are out visiting with Mom in the rehab (Kessler inst) I get a text message from the bank telling me that my account was charged for an online purchase for $27.27. The bank also sends detailed e-mails to back up the text messages.

We got home, watched some TV and then I checked my e-mail to see that the $27.27 charge was made by - curious, it looks like someone is re-submitting the charge for the item that wasn't available on 11/11 - even more curious, I didn't ask them to send the item, nor did I re-enter an online order for the item.

I call the 888# that the bank sent in the notice.

I get connected to Nicki and explain what transpired. While she is off conferring with someone, I go online and check my statement to see if I was double charged. I see that only one of the charges for $27.27 remains - the one that was made on 11/18 and it is still pending.

I advise Nicki that while I might well consider this to be fraud, I would rather think that its an overzealous employee trying to be customer focused, never the less, I did not authorize the charge for the item that was made on 11/18 and expect a call from a manager either tomorrow or the next day offering an explanation, a reversal of the charge or a credit to my account as appropriate and an assurance that the employee or manager will be sent for retraining so that they don't make this mistake again.

I explained very carefully that I did not want the employee or manager disciplined or let go, that this transaction was not large enough to warrant it. I mentioned that we could easily have been talking about a $2500 plasma TV and then this would be a considerably bigger issue.

I made sure to mention several times that I thought that Nicki had handled the situation well and with courtesy, I explained my issue with (circuit city) and the case of fraud that they tried to commit and that it has sensitized me to actions that electronics stores take and charges that they make to my cards.

She assured me that she would send the report up to their privacy department and that I would be contacted by a manager.

Why do I still have a feeling that this is not an isolated case with these folks?

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