Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

work - training session

Well, today is another workday, but there is a difference, I'm actually fully dressed @ 8:30AM, for once. My regular work-garb is socks and undershorts.

Today I'm in a company owned building for an off/on-site training session in one of the products that we support.

Off/on-site - I'm not sure what to call this excursion to Holmdel. Its an on-site visit from the perspective that I'm at a company building for the training session. Its an off-site visit from the perspective that my regular work location is the apartment. Either way its good to get out of the apartment for an extended period of time and see folks that I work with.

The training session is for our data provisioning product, actually its supposed to be an over-view of the customer's network and how certain aspects are represented in our application. The aim of the sessions is to allow us to understand the complex data circuit provisioning tasks that our users work, on a daily basis and as knowledge transfer from a pair of extremely knowledgeable systems engineers and a developer for the product(s). Sadly this training would have been extremely useful if we had gotten it about 3 or 4 years ago.

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