Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

truck is getting new tires...

for the last few months the truck has had a vibration at highway speeds.

the speed at which the vibration occurs has been moving steadily downward.

In Oct/Nov it was up around 80 MPH. I took the truck to the dealer and they recommended a tire rotation / balance and new front brakes, which seemed to have lessened the issue for a while.

as time has passed the speed at which the vibration/wobble happens has moved down, lately the wobble has been happening around 5 to 10 MPH and then it gets (too bad) to go any faster around 45 to 50.

We have been talking about taking the truck in for service, but scheduling concerns continue to prevail. I need to be able to use the truck tomorrow and Monday for trips to a company location, about 15 or 20 minutes away, and I need to (again) feel safe driving the vehicle...

I'm getting a set of 4 of these tires today.

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