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Jeff's GeekBearCave on LJ

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August 10th, 2009

its been a while... @ 01:52 am

Location: apartment 9B
Mood: relaxed relaxed

This evening is the first that I've been at the apartment since 7/23. I stayed up at camp for a full+ 2 weeks.

The first week had its ups and downs weather wise, but this week was quite beautiful.

This weekend, Ma Nature saw fit to hold off her rain showers until midnight Saturday and grace Hillside's anniversary celebration - Illumination - with dry and cool weather. Illumination is probably the biggest weekend at the campgrounds. The camp owner and staff provide white paper bags and candles to every site for use as luminaries to line the roadways and trails. Site occupants and guests are encouraged to use non-electrical light producing items, from glow sticks to candles to custom propane olympic-flame-like devices to create displays and celebrate the camps' anniversary. Next year should be quite spectacular its the 25th anniversary...

I'll eventually post some pics of the weeks and a couple of Illumination - but that may take a while. have a look on flickr</>

All's been well...
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Date:August 10th, 2009 12:33 pm (UTC)
Glad you had a good time, bud! I need to try and catch you online later so I can get the full rundown. *bearhugs you* Have a good day.

Jeff's GeekBearCave on LJ

[no user serviceable parts inside.]