Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

what does... have in common? (health issue)

This weekend we were up at camp. We got there on Friday evening. Dave had work he needed to complete on Friday morning and I was scheduled as on-call support person for the three products that Tom & I support.

-Saturday morning - regular Sat morning at camp, regular breakfast at the Cafe`
-Saturday late afternoon - The Villagers had a progressive supper, we and Mark & Marvin and other Villagers provided dessert.
-Saturday evening - its a show weekend, so 7 acts were presented in the best tradition of amateur drag performance at the campgrounds.
-Sunday morning - similar to Saturday morning - still no issues - Yummy strawberries w/ my French Toast.
-Sunday afternoon - BINGO at the rec. hall. I started to notice a little restlessness in my right leg about half way through the games. I probably should have stopped and got up/walked around, but didn't.
-Sunday evening - pot luck supper - a little more discomfort, asked Marvin for a ride up the hill in the runabout, gasoline powered golf cart.
-Sunday late evening - considerable pain and discomfort.

Over the last 2 days I've had hip pain, knee pain, swelling of the thigh and calf areas of my right leg, twitching of the front and side of my thigh and a lessening of sensation on the front and outer side of same, with some lower back pain (likely due to compensating to avoid the pains). I am also having trouble lifting my right leg, kinda, by itself, for example; to put on sneakers or shorts / etc.; I'm not sure if this is more a result of the swelling or the fatigue-like pain that's in my thigh muscles.

I've been faithfully taking my daily 10mg dose of Coumadin, at lunch time, as prescribed and having blood tests periodically checked by my G.P. to ensure that I remain at a therapeutic dose. I generally avoid leafy green - anything - so the Coumadin negating effects of Vita-K shouldn't be a factor - I hope.

I've got an 0715 appt at my Vascular Surgeon's office w/ his ultrasound technician and a tentative appointment with the doc on Thursday when he's in the office next.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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