Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

morning coffee...

* fill water filter pitcher with cold water - check.
* put filter in coffee maker - check
* measure and put coffee in filter in coffee maker - check
* locate favorite coffee mug - check
* wash mug - check
* open several packets of Splenda and deposit in mug - check
* put mug in position for coffee delivery - check
* close top cover of coffee maker - check
* press button - check
* walk away - check
* wait.....

* return to kitchen a few minutes later to find that the cup is not filled with warm flavorful life giving fluid.
* check to see if the maker is warm - yes.
* remove cup and see that it contains only only the Splenda.
* feel silly & not-awake - tell David about the experience - check

* surmise that I actually Do Need Coffee...

* remove water filter pitcher from the refrigerator - check
* fill water reservoir to the correct level - check
* press button - check
* post this on LJ - check

* wait some more for cup of warm flavorful life giving fluid....

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