Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

conversation w/ the receptionist at the G.P.'s office

So, I called my G.P.'s office and asked for ~name~, she's the P.A./nurse/???.

R: (receptionist) I'm sorry, but ~name~ must have stepped out would you like to leave a message?

J: Hum, yes please.

J: My name is Jeff Huyler, birthday Blah...
Two+ weeks ago when we spoke last you told me that I needed to repeat the PT/INR blood test in 2 weeks. I asked that you send me a script for it.
R: Ah, OK.

J: You didn't.
R: Oh.

J: I will be in your Holmdel building This Afternoon for allergy shots and will drop by to pick up the script then, kindly have it ready.
R: Ah, okay.

J: Thanks.

J: so, we're good?
R: Yes.

J: Ok; see you later, Bye.
R: bye.

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