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Mom update.

time to post on LJ...

Mom called yesterday afternoon and said that she was going to Holy Name Hospital, her G.P. already had a room for her.

I called her G.P. and he told me that during her physical last week, blood was drawn and she is anemic. Apparently a follow-up test, showed that there is blood in her stool. He was admitting her because with her blood counts she would be needing a a unit or two of blood.

Dave & I went up to the hospital in Northern NJ yesterday after work. Mom was getting settled into the room and a friend of the family (surrogate Mom to me - MomBeddow) had taken her up to the hospital and paid to have the TV and telephone turned on.

[fast forward to this morning] I called Mom's room and she was having trouble breathing and speaking. I asked if she had rang for the nurse - Yes, just then Mom handed the phone over to the nurse, we said Hi and I said I would call the nurses station in a little while to find out what was up. Mom's nurse Kelly reassured me that what Mom was experiencing was par for the course w/re: blood transfusions. I said OK and said good luck! Thanks... OK. bye.

I called the nurses station about a half-hour later, got Kelly and was told that Mom had 1 unit of blood overnight and was on a liquid diet. Kelly said she heard crackling in Mom's lungs so a nebulizer was ordered and the chest X-Ray. I got the direct number to the nurse's station.

[morning work-things happened here at the apt and I got ready and went out to my Allergist appointment]

Called and talked with Mom about an hour ago. Since admission yesterday she's had a chest X-Ray, is on a heart monitor, had an EKG. When we spoke she sounded better then when I called in the morning. She's feeling tired, but sounds like she has a little more energy, she's gotten 2 units of blood and is on Lasix and used a nebulizer for the difficulty breathing and crackling in her lungs. She's on O2. They still don't know where the blood is going... I think those tests are scheduled for tomorrow.
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