Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

Mom update

She's been home since Friday afternoon,

Monday, when we talked, she had trouble completing long sentences, sounded like she wasn't able to catch her breath. She had a G.P. visit that afternoon, he took blood and listened to things and took pressures and pulse - told her that he would call w/ the results of the blood tests, but that she should see the pulmo doc.

She *finally* able to call the pulmonologist, they are only open 2 days a week, Weds & Thurs, and got an appointment for the 27th - !8 days away! Mom called me up all happy that she got an appointment in less than a month. I was Not Amused. I said 8 days - WTF is wrong with those people?? She was taken aback. I asked, don't they realize that you're still having difficulty?

[I went on for about 20 minutes] listing why they should be seeing her sooner. About mid way through, I got the inclination that she didn't realize the seriousness of her condition / symptoms and that the pulmo doc probably thinks that she's already under the care of another pulmo doc and just transferring or that this is a *new patient* visit.

she got all quiet and withdrawn, I felt a little bad, but wasn't saying anything that her G.P. shouldn't have already told her.

Eventually she said, she would call them back and find out about an appointment sooner. I said make sure that you tell them about the issues that you've been having and list the meds - lasix & breathing treatments in the hospital.

Dave suggested that she might not want to find out what's wrong - OK, possibly.

Why, because; oooh, she was a 40-50 year smoker, so she's afraid to go see a lung doc because she doesn't want to hear what he has to say? F*** that!

OK, then you want me to sit idly by and you let whatever this is that's slowly choking you; kill you? FINE; tell me that and I'll let it go and you can deal with the choking and stuff and I'll deal my sh*t.

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