Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

I'm getting a new mobile handset{Google Nexus One}, inquiring on handset loss/damage coverage...

I should probably preface this entry by saying that in the overnight Saturday I ordered a Google Nexus One from the Google online phone store. 

My Google Phone website experience was smooth and their website seemed to be well thought-out.  My 45 minute call with the Google CSR was pleasant and the fellow was quite well-informed and helpful.  I asked the fellow from Google if they had handset loss/damage protection or used a particular company for that service.  He said No, but when he was with T-Mobile as a tech / CSR they used asurion protection services and gave me the number to call.

Behind the cut / the remainder of this entry is about my experience with the website and phone IVR / CSR process.

Not the best initial contact, but then again they are a handset protection service... .

The handset protection section of their website doesn't even mention coverage for handsets other than iPhones. There is a convenient link on the webpage for the itunes store, though.

When I call the number that the nice fellow @ Google gave me - I am presented with an IVR menu:
press 1 for English,
press 2 for Spanish;
the menu has a timer and repeats the question until you press a 1 or 2 and hangs up on you if you don't choose one. {FAIL} If I had crafted that menu it would default to a language or continue asking for a language choice; it should Never just hang-up!

Once over the first hurdle, language, it asks for the 10-digit wireless number, which I entered and the system identified as a T-Mobile number. {EPIC FAIL} I'm on AT&T wireless, have had the number for around 8 or 9 years and to my knowledge, it wasn't transferred over to AT&T from anywhere, it was provisioned to me from the pool when I got my phone in Central NJ.

[Already I'm not having good feelings about this company...]

I spoke w/ Candace a Velvet-Voiced woman who was pleasant, if somewhat dispassionate, informative and seemed well trained; I asked questions, she gave answers. {GOOD}

Near the end of the call I said that I have some comments and concerns about my first interactions with their company; on the website and my IVR experiences. She said that she could take notes and let folks know. {GOOD}

I gave details and made comments like; it wasn't clear that her company provided services for mobile phones on networks other than T-Mobile (I got the number from a guy at the Google customer service line who used to work for TMo) and was initially unsure if they provided coverage for phones other than iPhones. I gave Candace additional details and mentioned the mistake that the system made identifying my mobile number. She said that she would pass my concerns on to their IVR 'team'.

All in all, the cost seems reasonable $4.79/mo with a $130.00 deductible per phone replacement.

I will need to get additional details, like exactly what do they cover; she mentioned lost / stolen / damaged / water damage - which covers pretty much all I expect to need, but want to ask specifics when I call back to subscribe/enroll anyway...

I see that they offer data protection for the device, I'll be looking into that, too.

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