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October 23rd, 2010

Mom update. @ 12:46 pm

Location: apartment 9B
Mood: blank meh, again, w/ headache...
Music: ding, ding, ding of the solar chimes and splash of Dave taking a shower.

so.  Mom update - yesterday afternoon:  (I just sent this to an IRL FB buddy)...

I'm not exactly sure how mom is doing, she's a little doped up, it seems that she was wearing a "pain patch" on her shoulder when I was on the line with her, but she reports much less pain in her ribs and isn't sure that she's doing as well as the folks at Kessler say she's doing.  Mom also said that someone at Kessler dropped by saying that she will likely be transferred out on Wednesday and when asked where to send her, she mentioned the place, in Maywood, that she stepped-down to after her femur break 2 years ago.  I'm not all that convinced that she's ready, physically, for it as she's said things that seem to indicate that she is holding back from / in P.T. either to avoid pain or ???

I suspect we'll be heading up to Northern NJ tomorrow to visit and check on the house...
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Date:October 23rd, 2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
get 'em.
for trying to rush her through

Jeff's GeekBearCave on LJ

[no user serviceable parts inside.]