Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

Mom care meeting.

got a call from the blah center for rehab (the place that Mom's at). 
the caller asked if I was Jeff H... H...
[me]Yes, I'm Jeff Huyler. 
[she]I'm calling to tell you about a care meeting for your... father.
[me/deadpan]he's been dead for 7 years.
[her][stutter], um.  your father...  sorry.
[me]has been dead for 7 years. who were you looking for?
[her]um, one moment please... (minutes pass)
[her]sorry... the cover sheet shows...
[me]that's nice the cover sheet is wrong again, first I get into an argument w/ a doctor there because it has her arriving 4 days before she actually got transferred there and now it shows Mom is a man...  wonderful...  nice... what is it you are calling about???
[her]there is a care meeting for your... mother... on Wednesday at 2PM and they were wondering if your would like to attend.
[me]I work 8x5...
[her]would you like to see if the meeting could be rescheduled?
[me](knowing that I've already got her frazzles or I would have pushed to find out the time frames for the meetings)yes
[her]I can transfer you to the social worker
[her]thanks and sorry again.
[voice mail]this is blah - please leave your message after the tone.
[me](left informative and pleasant message)... thanks.
[me](to the air in the apartment) - fucknuts.
Tags: dealing with idiots

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