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Geek Needs Assistance w/ CSS & JQuery, etc...

OK this one is for all my geeky [said lovingly] LJ Friends;

In CSS (and possibly JQuery) - Is there a way to make one of several collections within  <div id="aa01">...</div>,  <div id="aa02">...</div> ... etc tags to just simply disappear and relinquish their space until I want the grouping to appear and take up space on the page by changing some properties of the aa## tag?

There will be several groupings identified by id="aa##" and I only want the non-hidden grouping to actually take up space when its visible - its for a page switching effect for an image gallery menu.

The page is build by a PHP script currently and the thumbnails just stream two-by-two down the page.  I want to create some kind of page switching menu so that the page length will remain manageable.  I've created another, simpler PHP generated page and I'm using logic to determine the group number and id aa##. 

I've got CSS that will make the first grouping initially visible and hide all the others - partially working.  The hidden/visible part seems to be working, but the hidden groups are still taking up space on the page, so the page, with 5 of the 6 groupings hidden, is as long as it was when all the groups were visible.  I haven't (yet) found the way to make the hidden groups take up NO space on the page, or stack on each other below the visible grouping.

I'll be using the JQuery framework, because there is a JQuery plugin already on the page and some other suitable plugin to modify the aa01, aa02... tags to do the visible / invisible stuff.

Hum stacking via positioning - maybe that's what I need to try...  Hum, interesting...



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