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If at first you don't succeed, head back to the hospital a couple of days later...

Well now...

Monday 0500 - wake up in North NJ, shower, dress, wait for Mom to get ready, head to the hospital for Mom's 0600 appointment for angiogram at 0800.
0600-ish arrive at same day surgery, get registered, Mom is on the schedule, it's a good sign, registrar, Pam, is friendly and pleasant!
0620-ish Mom and I go into the ward, the Nurse folks are friendly and pleasant.
0700 Mom gets an EKG and gives her medical history, I wait outside the curtain.
0720 one of the nurses comes over and tells us that the procedure is cancelled, the doctor had a family emergency and that we need to call his office to reschedule.
0745 off to the cafeteria for breakfast.
0830 back to the house and start the rest of the day...

head over to the area's CATV office
Bump into WillyL, one of the guys that I used to work with back in the early to mid 1980's. We chatted a while and waved at a couple of the other guys I used to work with, KeithC and Mike or was it BobC ? It was great to see the guys and it's nice to know that the guys are still there and that the company values the local workforce. It used to be called Vision Cable TV and they were bought by Time Warner some time ago.

exchange cable boxes, pickup cable modem, nice smooth process.

back to the house to start installing the cable boxes, all go in fine, two needed a new 1GHz splitter, no problem one came with the cable modem and RadioShack had some for about $10/ea. I got a good buy on additional cordless extension phones that will work with the system at the apartment, $19.99 each, no boxes, but the clerk gave me new wall plugs $20ea@2, + $5ea@2 for the adapters and he had one replacement battery ~$16.00 value. So I wound up with 2 phones w/ bases, two brand new charger plugins and three batteries for $40.00 Not a bad deal...

got the cable modem setup and working on the cable in the living room, connected the VOIP modem and called Dave to chat.

finished setting up the remotes and showing Mom all the new channels that she'll have...

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