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a little about me.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

    OK, some background:
  • We live in NJ.
  • I lived in NY.
  • My ex Joe and I took a driving vacation from NY to FL.
  • Back in my high school days, we took one of the guy's brothers cross country (sort of) from NJ to OH to OSU.
  • A couple of years ago we took friends and their stuff cross country from PA to Palm Springs CA.
  • I interviewed for a tech positions in Columbus OH.
  • I interviewed for a tech positions in a couple of towns just north of Boston MA.
    • Business trips
    • Vegas
    • Cambridge MA
    • Denver CO for business and got stuck there for 6 hours on a NJ to Sacramento trip.
    • I visited Atlanta GA and Birmingham AL for business and drove from GA to AL once.
    • Georgia is a Delta airlines stop from NJ to Birmingham AL
    • Northbrook and Chicago IL

    • Visits to Friends
    • CT
    • FL
    • CA
    • NV
    • PA
    • NY
    • MA

as seen on: DelawareRedBear's blog

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