Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

milk going bad before its date - an opportunity to install sensors

Yes, the last two half-gallons of skim milk have started to turn sour a day and days before the date on the container. I suspect the refrigerator may be the culprit. As some of you may know I have a penchant for remote monitoring, there are sensors in and around the camper in season, there are sensors in and around the apartment and the house. All dutifully monitored and watched over by rescued laptops or re-purposed network devices (NSLU2).

I've decided to reuse a set of temperature sensors that I had on the camper's propane tanks to monitor the temperatures in the apartment fridge and freezer to see if what I was seeing earlier today is actually what's happening. Yesterday I put the temp probe from my DVM into the fridge and saw that the temp in the refrigerator section went from about 36 degF to 43 degF. Earlier today I was watching the real-time readings and I saw them drop just after the compressor & fans started and then I saw them rise slightly and then drop and rise about a degree or 2 a couple of times and then the temp started back down. The odd readings prompted me to setup the newly re-purposed propane tank sensors to monitor the fridge and freezer. I'll keep you posted on the findings. ;)

Be Well,
For example, this is the last set of readings from the camper before I shut down the NSLU2 for the season:

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