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the stove needs a seventh button...

Installed the aux-input-adapter in the truck this afternoon, the instructions from Crutchfield were stellarly good and the install was fairly easy. I can now play my MP3s in the truck and there is room for another device on the adapter. [grin], you are probably sayin', what has all that got to do with the stove and another heat setting?

Ok, I'll tell you because you asked so nicely. :-)

I went for a ride to Long Branch, NJ after finishing up the install of the adapter box to listen to some music and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather (49 degF) we've had the last two days.

Soda from lunch in the cupholder, magazines in a box in the back seat of the truck, No!... Not that kind of magazines this trip. heh!

Parked along the road leading to Seven President's Ocean Front Park in Long Branch and rolled down the windows to listen to the surf., you are probably sayin', what has all that got to do with the stove and another heat setting?

Patience, Patience, please, I'm getting there.

On the way home I needed to go and pee and went into the park only to find the bathrooms, near the parking area that was open, were closed and had signs up saying that the heated bathrooms 200 yards to the south, in the octagonal building, were open. OK, walk or drive, turned out to be both actually, drove over the the octagonal building to find that the bathrooms were open and that there was no parking nearby.


Drove back to the parking lot that I was in when I checked out the previous bathrooms, but parked closer. Walk to the heated bathrooms, not so far this time. The bathrooms were nicely clean and fresh smelling [grin] Did what I needed to do and headed back to the truck.

I noticed a pleasant smell in the air coming from the dunes, lightly eucalyptus-y, which made me start thinking about food. I have no idea why the pleasant smell started me thinking about food, but I got back to the truck and headed to the Shop Right supermarket to pick up the fixings for Gimixtie, I'll update my webpage to include the recipe later, but, here is the basic recipe:

    From Mom...
    Gimixtie, a staple from growing up years.
  • 1.25# 85% lean ground beef seasoned, browned and drain off fat.
  • 2@8oz Hunts tomato sauce.
  • 1 can 15.5oz red kidney beans in broth, dump the whole can contents in to the simmer pot (if you double the recipe, use one can red and one can dark red kidney beans).
  • 1 can Campbell's condensed tomato soup & 1/3 can warm water, swish water around all cans to get all the good stuff out, then pour into the simmer pot.
  • combine and simmer for approx 1.5 to 2 hours
  • season to taste, avoid adding salt if you can.
  • serve over medium dittelini pasta

OK, simmering a double batch of the above recipe and sturring about every 7 to 10 minutes to keep it from burning isn't easy when you need a seventh button on your electric stove, because the WarM setting is a little too low and the LOw setting is a little too high...

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