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Afternoon twaddle, Thanks for lookin'

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in

1. leather score: 38 ++(Oh, yeah, I can see myself in leather...)

2. tattoos score: 34 +(more would be nice, but I haven't found something to get)

3. boys score: 32 +(not really into boys, low to mid 20-somethings to Men, tho.)

4. score: 31 +(yup)

5. piercings score: 30 ~(maybe, I've got a couple)

6. reading score: 30 ~(geek-esq)

7. kissing score: 28 +(I've been told I'm good at it)

8. cooking score: 28 +(and not poisoning the guests)

9. love score: 28 +(interesting)

10. techno score: 28 ++(yeah)

11. exhibitionism score: 27 +(I guess so, but demurely)

12. get fuzzy score: 26 ++(very funny, but we don't get the newspaper)

13. sideburns score: 26 ~(maybe)

14. boxer briefs score: 26 ++(love-em, especially like 'em for lazing around the apartment on the weekends, oh yeah, and how good a big beefy leg looks coming out of 'em)

15. friends score: 26 ++(yup!)

16. football score: 26 +(in a big beefy guys wearing spandex, wanna have the QB whack me in the nuts (gently) kinda way)

17. jocks score: 25 +(certainly makes most butts look real good, packages too.)

18. chinstraps score: 25 ~~(I don't understand this one)

19. queer as folk score: 24 ~(watched it a couple of times, too many twinks)

20. will & grace score: 24 +(yup)

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My comments are on a line-by-line basis following the score: ranging from -- to ~ to ++ with some specific blather in the (parens)

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