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one project done, many to go...

just finished reloading a friend's computer. the reload went smoothly, after they got the mfr's restore media.

it arrived, would not boot, just a blinking cursor on the screen.
installed a new HDD, tried to access the old drive.
loaded linux on the new drive to try to get access to the NTFS partition to preserve something, anything,

checked the HP website, found out that the owner can get replacement restore CDs if the original set on the delivered machine are gone as was the case on this machine. he contacted the mfr and paid, I think <$30 got a set of 8 CDs that I reloaded the OS onto the replacement HDD with.

it went well.


  • loaded restore media
  • it loaded the OS onto the user partition
  • applied critical fixes,
  • applied more critical fixes,
  • applied SP1,
  • applied more critical fixes,
  • applied SP2.

the machine is going back tomorrow. :-)

jeff out.

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