January 10th, 2005

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Went shopping tonight.

Dave njbigbear & I went vehicle shopping tonight.

It is time to replace the 1997 Ford F150, see this post for some background, on my recent issues with it..

We looked at the Honda Element, a 2004 leftover, nice roomy for a small 4 seater, good gas milage, pleasant dealership and experience, neat looking vehicle.

Made a U-turn on route 36 and stopped at the Ford/Dodge dealership that one of my co-workers just got his Durango from.

We were looking around the lot and were approached by 2 or 3 selesmen, interestingly, as we would find out later, the second fellow turned out to be the person we were looking for. Collapse )

Pictures to follow.

I figure that We'll probably try to pick it up on Wednesday, or so...
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