January 21st, 2005

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jeffrey is the #30 most common male name.
0.591% of men in the US are named jeffrey.
Around 723975 US men are named jeffrey!
source namestatistics.com

jeff is the #120 most common male name.
0.166% of men in the US are named jeff.
Around 203350 US men are named jeff!
source namestatistics.com
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the guy across the hall at the office. (SHUT THE F**K UP)

the guy across the hall is having a meeting, supposedly in his office, but I can hear him and the other guy better then I can hear myself think and better then I could hear my office-mate T** while we were conversing about the guy across the hall.

this is the same guy that leaves at about 4 to 430 PM and brings his kids back to play and run in the hall most evenings until about 6 or 630.

jeffy is not pleased.

T** says, but the big question is, what is the point.
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You scored as Mindless Action Flick. Congratulations! You'll blow fifteen bucks on the worst script ever as long as there's lots of guns, explosions, car chases, kung fu, and unrealistically happy endings. Reality means nothing to you! I don't know you but just lost all respect for you! Check out: Die Hard, Fast and the Furious, Charlie's Angels (they can fly!), Biker Boyz.


Mindless Action Flick








Sadistic Humour




Romantic Comedy


Movie Recommendation.
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