July 14th, 2005

philadelphia waterworks COLD


I had to get something done at the office yesterday, so I went in even though I had a temp of 99.9 degF, a sore throat and an unproductive cough.

I called my doc and their office was totally booked or closed until Monday, I got a 230pm appointment.

It looked like Dave was going to go to The Woods by himself this weekend, but he called and was able to cancel the reservation and to their credit, they allowed us to bank the $90 deposit, eventhough their stated policy is <7 days you loose your deposit. Way to go, The Woods!

This morning the temp was close to normal but the cough was productive and I seem to have an infection in my chest.

Although I've got a class from 900 to noon, I'm not going in to the office today, going to try to work from home and get the document(s) done, they're due out by Friday. I got the info collected yesterday, brought it and the work laptop home and I should be able to get the docs fixed up and out to the folks that need them... 3 to 4 weeks before they're going to be used, aacckkk!

I'm going to call the doc's office today and see if they'll prescribe something for the yellow nasties,
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