January 13th, 2006

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Bend Over and Say "Aaaahhh"

I got this from a long time friend Steve (nonLJ)...

Today's lecture on Republican pandering to special business interests concerns the soon-to-be-extinct legal doctrine known as "equitable subrogation." You're excited already, aren't you?

Here's the nickel explanation. Suppose you're in a car accident and you suffer a bunch of damages: medical bills, lost wages, lawyers' fees, and so forth. Your insurance company pays your medical bills, and then you sue the other guy and recover damages. What happens to the money you recover?

read the article here... http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2006_01/007991.php
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OK here goes.

In the preceding couple of weeks, on and off, I had a pain in my left calf which felt like the feeling that you have the next day after a nighttime cramp.
One week pain,
next week pain went away
and it came back Friday,
got a little worse Saturday,
and was there Sunday.

I called my vascular surgeon at 0710AM Monday.
went to his office, was met by the ultrasound technician and examined.

They found a small clot in my left calf.
They also checked my right leg (that I had trouble with about 16-18 months ago) and said that the clots were still behind my right knee, but were smaller.

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I'll keep you posted.