November 3rd, 2006

head and arms 10/2003 Beach Haven

and it's cousin...

You Are 96% North Jersey

You are totally North Jersey! You really know the area and have Jersey pride. Chances are you just got back from being down the shore! Unless you're taking this test in wintertime in which case you just got back from Christmas shopping in Paramus. Unless it's Sunday, in which case... Hey how come I didn't see you in church today? =P

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'cause I was born and grew up in North Jersey.
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You are 70% Canuck!

Now that's what I'm talking about! You did good, you really, really did. I can call you my friend and not have to feel ashamed, and I thank you for that, really I do. Thank you, that is just really great!

How Canadian Are You?
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Not bad for someone who visited the country two or three times. I sware that I'm turning Canadian by infusion, and that is a good thing ®
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