November 7th, 2006

adidas samba millenium sneakers

please consider.

Although we may not get a purple finger to show for it,
it's still important to get out and vote,
if for no other reason then to negate a vote made for the opposition.

Jeff's $0.02
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what accent do you have meme - fix.

just spend the last 10 minutes editing my journal entries to try and find out why my 10/31 post was coming up before my 11/7 post. it turned out to be bad html in the what accent do you have meme I tried div tags: NG. I put it behing an lj-cut tag: fixed.

[that is all]
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low yield afternoon in the office.

I've been here since about 12:45 and I haven't done any purging and packing.

my office is being moved on 11/20 from here to here.

The place is cluttered with 4 years of stuff that I have collected from the offices of folks leaving the company against their will.


In a simple chat with Dave njbigbear I managed to either offend or anger him.
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