January 4th, 2007

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Great Aunt Lil update

Chatted with Mom this morning. 

Aunt Lil is being transferred to a local hospital because she is anemic and is to be given a blood transfusion. 

Mom is not aware of how the anemia was found nor what they are thinking as the cause.  I figure that she would not have been released from the hospital to the care center if she was anemic three or so weeks ago.

I think that I want to chat with her doctors to see what's up.
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Great Aunt Lil update - anemia

Mom called to say that Aunt Lil was admitted to the hospital.  The care center doc called her G.P. and compared notes.  The blood count that she has is the same as what she had when they released her from the hospital.

I'm not amused that one doc says that she's anemic and her G.P. condiders it her normal state.

Well, what is it?  Is she anemic - which could be causing a few of her other problems?  -or-  Is she alright?

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