February 12th, 2007

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why do I (almost) always feel...

...like I'm getting stressed, when I call Mom to say Hi and chat? (or when we go up to visit, or when Dave and I chat about the "Mom and Aunt Lil situation(s)", ...)

My hands are freezing, my neck is warm, I feel stressed, uneasy, muscles tensing, stomach getting acidy, etc.

Mom and I just finished a pleasant, everything is going well, got out and did some things over the weekend, how are you doing, how was the weekend call - all non threatening, but I'm reacting, almost like, someone is coming to do me harm.


I, even, sent an e-mail to a co-worker in the hope that if the call with Mom 'went long' that he would be calling me on my work line to engage me in working on an issue for our customer.

It doesn't make any sense.


not... good.
not... healthy.
nope, not at all.

If my motorcycle was still road worthy, I would be checking the thermometer to see if its warm enough to go out for a ride... The MC is no longer road worthy and it's too cold, even for a short bundled up ride.
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