September 14th, 2008

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1990's photo of yourself meme ~1997

This is me at the Jersey Shore ~1997
This is me at the Jersey Shore ~1997

Joe Kelemen, my first boyfriend, shot this image of me, I think, late summer 1997.

Shortly after starting my employment with Lucent Technologies (Alcatel-Lucent now) and returning from a business trip to Sacramento, CA., I drove down to Beach Haven, NJ to join my parents on their vacation and to my pleasant surprise, Joe drove down to join us!

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jeff profile big goatee

laptop issues

This is my laptop at normal resolution - 1440x900 - trying to present the shutdown dialog box.
personal laptop, after video card failed, shutdown options box

This is my laptop at 640x480. I'm using it to make this posting.
laptop at the only usable resolution - 640x480that I can use the laptop, broken, very low resolution, 640x480, works, stable, very hard to use

Wednesday evening I was sorting digital photos in Photoshop CS3 Bridge and a warning message popped up on the screen. Your video accelerator has become unstable{blah, blah, blah}. A short while later the screen took to looking like the first screenshot in this post.

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