November 30th, 2008

jeff profile big goatee

Santa Saturday.

With Thanks to Ed njbearcub1 and his post for help with LJ folks' handles.

By way of a preemptive apology, I'm horrible with name to face correlation, so, Please accept my apologies if I've either not listed you or have listed you incorrectly.

I (too) saw angeltatts, bearon68 (as Santa for the event, I wanted a pic with him and Chris, but Dave was not nearby), boomerz1, bulldogcubnj, climatebearnj, cnjkevin cnjbrownbear & cub, evilcreamsicle, goldibehr, guywithmonsters, gullinbursti, ?nnjbear?, noisybehr, operamonkey, peterpandanyc, sillybearpa & Mark & Bruce & Paul & John, txredneck, and ultrabithorax. We also saw Tony & John from Toms River and several folks from camp, too!
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