December 17th, 2009

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getting hang-up calls from 702-705-5006 - "Cell Phone NV"

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Jeff H - a few seconds ago
Received three separate calls from 702-705-5006 this morning (12/17/2009) all in the early AM hours at 6:35, 6:25 and about 6:20AM. I picked up on the first ring to try and prevent the calls from waking up the house but by the time I got the phone up to my ear the caller has hung up and there is a dialtone.

I am in NJ, so ET time zone and I have Vonage with 2 lines in Northern NJ, phone numbers in the 201 area code. I have a 732 areacode alias and a 570 areacode alias all forwarding to my main Vonage provided number.

None of the incoming calls appear in the Vonage gateway activity lists, but they all have been forwarded, correctly, to my home (copper line) and my cell!
Caller ID: Cell Phone NV

A couple of years ago, I gave Mom a Vonage adapter to allow her to inexpensively call her friends in the UK and outside her local area. She's got the second NJ 201area line. The calls from 702-705-5006 could be coming in on any of the 4 numbers over the Vonage service.

The odd thing is that none of the incoming calls shows up in the Vonage Portal Activity page!

A Side note; I have Mom's Vonage line configured to simultaneously ring my Vonage line. When we were assigned her number, she would receive, sometimes 3 or 4 calls a day for the folks who had the number previously. They apparently were having financial or health trouble because we (I) received calls from folks asking about a boat, a trailer, got a couple from creditors, several calls from a doctor's office and a couple from local Northern NJ hospital. After the second or third day of these calls, I configured her line to simultaneous-ring my line, so that I could pick-up and deal with the callers myself.

So a call to any of the Vonage numbers or aliases will ring the apartment Vonage adapter's phone, the apartment(copper) line and my cellphone, so when we get a call at 6:20 AM one of us gets woken up! fortunately its usually me.

Ah, and the reason for all this connectivity and simultaneous-ringing of phones, you might ask...

I do tech support for telephone network software for a multi-national telephone software & hardware provider, so, I'm on-call frequently and need to be (very) available for late night and weekend emergency calls...
coffee The Brain

morning coffee...

* fill water filter pitcher with cold water - check.
* put filter in coffee maker - check
* measure and put coffee in filter in coffee maker - check
* locate favorite coffee mug - check
* wash mug - check
* open several packets of Splenda and deposit in mug - check
* put mug in position for coffee delivery - check
* close top cover of coffee maker - check
* press button - check
* walk away - check
* wait.....

* return to kitchen a few minutes later to find that the cup is not filled with warm flavorful life giving fluid.
* check to see if the maker is warm - yes.
* remove cup and see that it contains only only the Splenda.
* feel silly & not-awake - tell David about the experience - check

* surmise that I actually Do Need Coffee...

* remove water filter pitcher from the refrigerator - check
* fill water reservoir to the correct level - check
* press button - check
* post this on LJ - check

* wait some more for cup of warm flavorful life giving fluid....
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