July 20th, 2010

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I'm getting a new mobile handset{Google Nexus One}, inquiring on handset loss/damage coverage...

I should probably preface this entry by saying that in the overnight Saturday I ordered a Google Nexus One from the Google online phone store. 

My Google Phone website experience was smooth and their website seemed to be well thought-out.  My 45 minute call with the Google CSR was pleasant and the fellow was quite well-informed and helpful.  I asked the fellow from Google if they had handset loss/damage protection or used a particular company for that service.  He said No, but when he was with T-Mobile as a tech / CSR they used asurion protection services and gave me the number to call.

Behind the cut / the remainder of this entry is about my experience with the asurion.com website and phone IVR / CSR process.

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