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day off, travelling day, chores, etc.

Hi folks, [waves]

It's been a while since I posted and I've taken the day off, so here goes.

njbigbearDave & I are going to 'The Woods' to cabin-camp this weekend to check the place out. We've heard a lot about the place and thought that we'd have a look see.

No groaning allowed from the Hillside contingent! Although a couple of gutteral moans would be nice! [grin]

    The list for today
  • breakfast
  • oil change for the Hemi
  • haircut
  • try to find a good set of computer speakers (to use in The Woods) for the MP3 player and the Sirius satellite radio
  • exchange some of the used Xbox games that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.
  • pack for the weekend
  • Convince the GPS unit that We Really Do Know 'the best way to get there' [grin]
  • Travel

      That's all for now...

      Have a great day!

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