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saga continues


last week, wednesday we tried the hospital thing again.
0630 at the hospital, mom got the arm bands, went into the SDS ward.
proc was slated for 0830
doc found me at 0930, told me that mom's valves looked pretty good, but they were concerned about the main artery in her heart and he woudl consult his surgical partner, but they would probably do a bypass for the blockage in the artery.

this is good and bad news.
good because bypass surgery is less invasive to the heart,
bad because she got stents about a year ago last month.
leaves me wondering a little, if a bypass a year ago might have prevented this set of tests and surgeries.
I have no crystal ball so I won't be able to tell.

while I was online to get a burger and fries at the cafeteria at about 1145 the doctor appeared again and said that he will have his partner look at the films, but there are three possible courses that will take place

  1. medical treatment of the condition, with no surgery
  2. bypass surgery
  3. additional angiographic procedure that will provide a better look at the issue.

      we got home to a call from his office to schedule the third option and curative procedures (stent/bypass/etc)
      there were also calls on the machine at the apartment and my cellphone.
      we initially opted for the after Thanksgiving date, then called back and changed it to a before Thanksgiving date.

      the office called on Thursday morning and said that the before Thanksgiving date would not work, how about a week later?
      we opted for the week after.

      I'll post more when I get more info.

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