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it's official! I Have a Strep infection in my Throat

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the walk-in medical office in town and filled out the you're-new-here paperwork, sat down and waited.

Eventually I got called by the nurse, followed her into the room and she started interviewing me and checking me over. My BP was 130/92, temp 99.4 degF orally. She said that the doctor would be in shortly.

The doctor introduced himself, Dr P... he is chubby-ish, dirty-blond-ish, overtrimmed moustach-ish, seemed kind and gentle and has a good 'bedside manner' I was instantly at ease and comfortable, I'll bet my BP dropped 7 to 10 points right then. He looked in my ears, down my throat, remarked on my tonsils and the complement of allergy-related meds that I take and the diabetes med, then he told me that they needed to take a throat culture for Strep infection ( I started thinking OK, results in 2 days ), I said that I haden't had one of those in quite a while and he saw the concern on my face, he said that the test results would be back in 5 to 10 minutes, OK...

The nurse came back in and told me to open up and say Ahhhh, and keep saying Ahhh while she did her thing, that it would be less unpleasant that way, she was right and I didn't gag. I am one of those gay men who still gag on occasion. [grin]

about 10 minutes later the doctor came back in and told me that I have a Strep infection and that I would be getting a prescription for anti-biotics and cough meds and decongestants, on the decongestants, I reminded him that I take Allegra-D which has decongestants and he commented that he didn't want to over-do the decongeatants, so he'd leave them out of the cough syrup.

Go outside, take a seat and your paperwork will be out shortly and feel better.

Thanks! Doc.

Have a good day and take care.

It was about 10 to 15 minutes waiting in the discharge area before my paperwork was done. They impact print the prescriptions, so they are readable and complete !WAHOO!

One of the scripts was for the cough med, tusso-df my regular pharmacist didn't have it in stock, so I called another local pharmacy and they didn't have it either. so I decided to ask if there was anything that I could put together OTC to take until the shipment arrived. The pharmacist started telling me that you can't get decongestants OTC any more and I advised him that I had already chatted with the doc about the fact that I take decongestant, my Allegra-D and I asked that he check the stuff online to make certain. He said that it was a fairly strong cough supressant with expectorant and oxycodon.

Blink-twice, Ahha, no wonder the stuff is hard to find...
oxycodon is the same stuff that the ER docs put me on, for pain, when I had the *wicked-sinus-headache-thingy* that Dave took me to emergency for (a couple of years ago)...

So I repeated back to the pharmacist, cough supressant, expectorant, and serious pain relief. I guess the oxycodon will be doing double duty and cough supressant and sore throat relief. [grin] (If I do post expect them to kinda goofy) heh!

I'm hoping to get a call from the pharmacist telling me that they got the tusso-df in today.

I called Dave and told him what the doc said and the meds that I'll be on and advised him that he should see his doc as he has had the SAME SYMPTOMS that I started getting on Monday, he has had them for most of the last 2 weeks...

Dave has an appointment today at 345 with his doctor.

The moral of this story is, if we have had any close personal contact, kissed, drank from the same glass/cup, etc, or you have a been in our presence and have a tickle in your throat, cough, cold-ish/virus-y feeling, low grade fever, GO AND SEE A DOCTOR, tell them that you have been exposed to someone with a diagnosed Strep infection and you are concerned that you may have caught it yourself and want to get checked out.

Please remember... Strep infections CAN KILL YOU if they get out of hand and are untreated!!!
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