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civic responsibility

you are summoned to appear at the monmouth county courthouse
to serve as a petit juror

*blah* 9/12/2005 @ *blah*
term of service is 1 week.


'Jury duty is one of the highest duties of a citizen.'
Who the fuck told you to breathe, much less, think, asshole?

Is monmouth county so poor and lacking bodies that they need to hold me up for a week? Bergen county is a SINGLE DAY.
Ah, but you can get a bye for not reading and/or speaking English, or being over 75, or under 18, or a medical reason, or not being a US citizen, mentally or physically able to perform the tasks of a juror, etc.

fuck you you fucking wastes of skin. I didn't tell you to breathe and while you're at it, kneel you piece of shit.

remind me again why I registered to vote in the last election, only to see the 'W' fuckhead elected to his second/first term. So I register to vote in this sorry-assed county and less than 1 year later I get the opportunity to waste 5 of my mornings in September driving to the county seat to sit around and hope that I get called to a jury panel and then get excused.

Answer the questions in the yellow section and return within 10 days, and put on your own postage if you please...
Piss off you mother fucking wastes of skin.
I said Kneel fucker, not squirm around

I know why people turn into terrorists, this is the kind of shit that pushes people over the edge!

I'm sure that I'll calm down and accept this as the useless cash providing functionary that all we citizens are,
but right now you fuckers need to BACK THE FUCK UP!

It's probably a real good thing that njbigbear said we're doing dinner in tonight,

'cause god help any 'public servants' that get in my way right now...
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