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my conversion to Borg

Resistance is Futile.

My conversion to night-time Borg begins Monday evening between 6 and 8pm.

The collective's local representative (respiration therapist) will be visiting Sub-Junction 3962, UniMatrix 45544E54, Matrix 4E4A to deliver and set up my Vinculum (Bi-PAP (CPAP) machine). It has been prescribed by the Collective for use during my daily regeneration periods. I'm hoping for a cute bearish guy, like Ted in the video. [grin]

Last Friday before heading out to Hillside we went to our(njbearcub1 and my) ENT Doc W and he advised that I loose weight, have my tonsils out, have my deviated septum corrected and have the base of my tongue reduced by RF radio surgery.

Some stats:
sleep duration 95 minutes
57.8 arousals per hour,
avg O2 desaturation: 83%, min 77%,
9 obstructive apneas and 118 hypopneas in this section of the test.
avg event length 18.1, longest 44.5
I spent 7% of the 95 minutes in stage1 and 93% only as deep as stage2 sleep.
heart rate 80-90 BPM.

on Bi-PAP:
sleep duration 145 minutes
Bi-PAP pressures 20/16 cmH2O
15.3 arousals per hour. (down=better)
avg O2 desaturation: 91%, lowest 87% (up=better)
0 obstructive apneas, 1 mixed, 26 central apneas and 2 hypopneas in this section of the test. (down=better)
avg event length 15.2, longest 23.0 (shorter=better)
I spent 4% of the 145 minutes in stage1, 30% in stage2, 32% in stage3, apperantly I skipped stage4 and went right to stage5(REM) for 35% of this section of the test. WAHOO, Dreams! (deeper sleep=better)
heart rate 70-74 BPM! (lower heart rate=better)

Thanks! for reading and wish me luck!
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