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Bi-PAP machine arrived tonight.

It's been drizzling, here, since I left the office and it's getting a little foggy, soup-ish really, the kind of evening that if you took a brisk walk around the block, you'd need to towel off when you got back inside.

So, my appointment with the tech from the medical equipment supplier was for 6 to 8PM tonight, we got a call from the tech a little after 8PM to say that she was running late and that she was lost in Jackson, NJ ( due to bad MapQuest directions, we find out later ).

According to njbigbear MapQuest directions are not so good.

On a side note, I called the company shortly after I got home to try to determine why they had called the apartment and left no message, then called Dave's cellphone. In chatting with the manager I found out that my tech has 3 calls to make this evening, one in Seaside Heights, one in Jackson and us. Their office in around the corner from Dave's office and the tech called earlier to try to bump me up in the schedule because she lives in town also, apparently the tech was trying to get us done early, but I'm on call today and couldn't leave the office until after 5PM.

At 845 I get a page from the call center, I'm on call, I call them back on the house line, it's my customer reporting that he is having trouble with the interface that he had called asking for configuration procedures for this morning.

Hum, this is not good.

I call him back and start collecting information to try and get an idea of what's going on. I send him off to collect some information from a couple of log files, in the mean time I reconnect our VOIP adapter that we took with us to camp over the weekend. I tell my customer that I'll call him back from the VOIP line as I am expecting a call on the house line.

A few minutes later we get a call from the tech with my machine, Dave takes the call because I am still on with my customer. Apparently she is not having any luck with the MapQuest directions to our place either.

not good.

It seems that the tech is close to the apartment, so Dave heads outside to flag down the tech when she gets close to the apartment, he takes the house phone with him. A couple of minutes later I finish up with my customer and we resolve that he will send the log files to my work e-mail and I'll forward them to our developers for a look-see in the AM.

I hang up with him and Dave's cellphone rings, it's the tech, apparently she has just turned onto our street and she is looking for the address.

On a geographical note, the road that forms our apartment complex is roughly U-shaped and to make matters worse, begins and ends on the same side street and, of course has the same name posted at both intersections with the side street.
very confusing the first time that you try to find the place.
The apartments are laid out in a roughly u-shaped fashion with the center of the U's opening onto the road, classically NJ garden apartment-ish.
Our little 3 sided quadrangle of apartments is roughly 'U' shaped and is squat and wide and we are on one of the squat arms of the 'U' which makes the front of our apartment, with the apartment number, face perpendicular to the road and set back about 50 yards.

I remember hearing Dave tell the tech to 'make a right into e*c* drive after you see the "deaf child" sign'. Which is going to bring her into the complex heading the opposite direction to the way that the front of the building is facing... Atleast she has entered the complex on the side nearest to us...

To make matters worse, the front of our apartment, with the apartment number on the door is perpendicular to the u-shaped road. Can you tell that folks have a difficult time finding our place at night? Tonight is no exception.

She has turned onto e*c* drive and she is heading in the correct direction, cause I can see the reflection of her headights on the white car along the drive. I tell that once she has passed the first driveway on her right that she should park, preferably, just behind the white car as it's by the sidewalk leading to our place. I also tell her to look for a tall man with a shaved head and a goatee, apparently there are 2 shaved headed men with goatees on e*c* drive tonight as she indicates that she sees him, but I don't see her yet because she is not near the white car yet.

I head downstairs with Dave's cellphone to my ear. Dave's looking wondering what's happening because I have his cellphone to my ear and I'm taking to the tech that he went outside to meet.

She overshoots the white car, makes a 'K' turn on e*c* drive, drives back towards the white car, makes another 'K' turn on e*c* drive and parks behind the indicated car. E*c* drive is not all that busy, infact her car was the only moving vehicle for about 4 or 5 minutes either side of her arrival tonight, she could have easily backed up to park behind the while car...

Dave and I look at each other and groan, this is Just Not Her Night...

The tech gathers some paperwork, a rather large plastic bag and a box from the back seat of her vehicle, she makes her way onto the sidewalk and the cord holding on the plastic bag breaks and the bag falls to the ground with a thud, we find out later that the bag has the machine and the hoses and headpiece in it.

Fortunately the machine works when she plugs it in. The tech explains the humidifier option that I requested, shows me how the machine works and has me sign several papers in several places and bids us goodnight. I ask her if there is any co-payment for her service, she says No, she doesn't think there is, Ok... Have a good evening and get home safe.

I headed to bed about 1115PM, setup the machine, Dave came in shortly after and I put on the mask and started the machine. I fell asleep at about midnight and awoke at 1AM, got up, pee'd, went back to bed and started the machine again, woke up at about 230, got up, pee'd went back to bed, started the machine, woke up at about 0415, got up, pee'd, realized that I didn't do anything to the ticket that came in earlier at 845 and fired up my work laptop, but it didn't shut off when I left the office so I needed to find the power cord, etc.

Ugh, I's just been one of those evenings.
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