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pics from my sinus CT scan

My ENT gave me a prescription for a CT scan of the paranasal sinuses w/o contrast, presumably to see if he'll need to do anything special in my nose other than fixing a deviated septum.

The hospital where I had the scan done was able to print a set of films and created a CD, with viewing software.

This is the same hospital where, about a year ago, I had an MRI scan done of my right knee. I asked the technician if they could give me a CD of the MRI also. She told me that the MRI machine only did films and then asked if I wanted a set for myself. I said Thanks, but no, I already have a set.

Being the geek that I am, [grin] I found a program online that was able to convert the medical image data (DICOM), from the CT scan, into .jpgs and I've posted them here.

very cool!
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