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got the truck back this evening.

On Monday morning we took my truck to our mechanic in Neptune to have them look at a brake lockup condition in the rear during hard stops (the truck has 4 wheel ABS and shouldn't be locking up the brakes).

They checked the vehicle over and called Tuesday AM, asked me(us) to come down to chat about the truck, the manager said, 'because a picture is worth a thousand words.' ut-oh...

The service manager showed us what he was concerned about and advised that I consider getting rid of the truck, after calming down, I had a few thousand Rude words for the dealer that I bought it from and the previous owner(s).

The truck is a 1997 Ford F150, that I purchased, used, in late Jan 2003, from Freehold Ford, Freehold, NJ,
{BTW, I will
buy from them again!!!},

The work that I had the mechanic do brought it back into safe operating condition and the costs were covered at about 50% by the extended warranty, still, paying almost $400.00 from your pocket hurts.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO ill feelings or thoughts toward my mechanic or the work that they did. Their work is Always top notch and their advice is always beyond reproach.

I do feel that the folks who sold the vehicle to me, in 2003, may have had more knowledge about the condition and longevity of the vehicle then they admitted to, or took action to correct.
( Next time someone wants to stuff a fire hydrant up my backside, sideways, I am going to demand that they use Crisco and put it in tapered end first. A small kiss on the cheek wouldn't hurt either. )

I'm not sure how I will work it, because the trade-in value is about 75% of the current value of the loan against the truck, so I'll have to check with the bank and see what we can figure out, but I'm certain that the truck Has To Go.

$600 to replace the gas tank, 6 months after I purchased it, called Ford Corp, was told, sorry but it's out of the corrosion warranty or we would have covered the repair.

$150 to replace the fan clutch, warranty covered > 90% of the cost.

$360 to replace the starter, after it almost left us stranded at Hillside campground one weekend a couple of months ago. The repair was not covered because I didn't contact the warranty company Before the repair work started.

$850 to replace 2 front calipers, brake shoes and pads, cut the rotors and drums, 2 front flexible lines that were almost rusted through, emergency brake cable that was sticking, covered at a little above 50% under warranty.

I think that I would have been better off holding on to my 1986 F150 and putting *all this* money into it instead of the albatross that I currently own and drive.

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