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Meeting new people, trying new food.

Wednesday evening Dave, Jason, Paul and I met up with {edit}David themacbear and Kevin gr8grizz and went out to a pub-ish diner in the area. Nice place, great company, good times and good eats were had by all... We completed the evening by hanging out at David and Kevin's apartment, good conversation and getting to know new friends rounded out a very pleasant evening.

Thursday evening, same folks, different place, Mongolian BBQ, a wide selection of items and a several good (stick turning) grill staff. I managed to create a couple of bowlfuls of good eats, not to spicy, not too bland, not too hot, just right. Only trouble with finding a new and tasty eats place is that we'll have to find a place like it in our part of NJ, which may be troublesome. There is a Mongolian BBQ section in the local China Buffet, but noone seems to make use of it, I don't know if that's because nobody has tried it or, maybe, some less savory, reason... Completed the evening at David and Kevin's apartment, more good conversation with a bunch of sexy guys.

Signing off for tonight. Tomorrow promises a trip to Toronto and meeting a few new folks.

[2005.10.03] - Paul, Thanks, for the edits.
Tags: new food, new friends

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