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we've got water leaking into the kitchen from the ceiling.

we called the apartment management emergency pager and got a quick call back, but the guy who called said that he was not able to get around because his caravan got under water earlier in the day and there was nothing that he could do anyway until the rain stopped or slowed. he told us his name, Matt and that he would put us on the list for a roofer visit on Monday.

for those of you who have been here know that I am a collector of stuff and the kitchen is the most favored repository of the stuff.

we've got a plastic sheet tacked up on the ceiling and funneling the water into a bucket.

some stuff got wet, mostly just the boxes, but a couple of books got wet and will probably not dry out too well.

Dave and I had a fight, that I am sorry for, but considering the stresses of the situation I can't really blame either of us.

more to the point, the drive that circles our complex is mostly flooded and the water has made it's way across about 20 feet of lawn in the front of the apartment and the water in the back is over half way up the motorcycle's tires and wheels. fortunately Dave & I have big trucks and the water should not affect us, but I feel bad for the folks with cars, especially the guy downstairs as he has a Mitsubishi Eclipse and it's low to the ground, I can see that he probably has water in the interior from the rising tides.

I have no idea what we will be doing for the weekend, but time will tell.

that's all for now.
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