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one of the maintenance guys, Paul, rang the doorbell about an 45 minutes ago to tell us that the water was rising in the parking lot behind the apartment.

I went upstairs and it looked like a mini lake had taken over the back parking lot.

we tried to alert the folks in 9A, but they didn't answer the door.

I went back upstairs and got shorts and a shirt and a jacket on and took a flashlight and the cellphone. Dave remotely unlocked and disarmed his truck and I moves it up onto the lawn beside the laundry room. The deepest water was up to just below my knees.

I banged on the bedroom window of John and Samantha's apartment and waited until someone came to the window. I shined the flashlight on my face and told the person to come to the back door. it was Samantha and she was closely followed by her fiancee John. I apologized for waking them but that the water was rising and that I thought that John's car was already in trouble and Samantha's SUV would be in trouble soon.

He got over to his car and found it was full of water, it was up high enough that the seat cushion was visibly wet. He got the car started and moved it onto higher ground. I made my way over to my truck, got in it and moved it behind Dave's truck next to the laundry room.

I started banging on the window of the folks in 11A, Rochelle and her mom, because her car was still in the flood plane also. It took quite alot to wake here up but she came to the back door and began comprehending the situation. She started getting ready to venture out into the water. I suggested that she to get on shorts as opposed to her long pants, because the water was up to my knees, in the parking lot, and I'm quite a bit taller then she is. I also told her to put on flip-flops, because you don't want to be walking around in the water with nothing on your feet.

John then moved Samantha's SUV behind his. Then he started to bail.

Rochelle's mom got to her car and got it started and moved to higher ground.

John was still bailing when I finished chatting with Cy, from 5A and headed inside to take a shower and get dried off.

Pictures from the last big flood, about a year ago, it's worse this time...
Hopefully it will not get too much worse before it gets better.
Tags: flooding, moving vehicles to higher ground, parking lot, what a mess...

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