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heard on the answering machine as we got home from dinner

CID: 5*6 371 6248 - Steven *****

answering machine: Hi you've reached Dave & Jeff's place, sorry that we missed your call, leave a message and we'll get back to you. [beep]

caller: Hi this is Tova, Steven are you there? You said that you were going to come to the batmitzah, but we haven't heard back from you.

I pick up the phone:
me: Hi, you seem to have the wrong number.

caller: well, is Steven there?

me: No, what number were you calling?

caller: xxx-xxxx

me: yup, xxx-xxxx, but it's 201-xxx-xxxx

caller: isn't Steven there?

me: nope.

caller: hangs up.

me: [to the ethers] biotch...

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