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My manager just dropped by - yes, it's happening again...


Our group is going through a another downsizing and today is the early-notification day. I was told that the early notification is so that the folks that are leaving can transition their work to the folks that will remain.

I've known about this, it's been in the offing for about 2 weeks, ask Dave njbigbear about my mood of late.

It seems like not long ago I was writing a similar post, 2005.10.05.0924 (to be exact), about this self-same subject and again, I am retained and it's good and it stinks!

  • It's good because I get to keep my job, the company keeps paying me to do stuff that I really like to do.

  • It stinks because some more of my friends who are good, caring, interesting, intelligent, dedicated people get to visit the unemployment lines.
  • It stinks because I have a personal relationship with just about everyone in my manager's group(s) and I know that some folks have gotten bad news and I don't want to leave my office right now because I don't want to find out who has gotten the bad news.
  • It stinks because I get to worry about when this is going to happen again and whether I'll be an unlucky one the next time.

I wish them good health and good luck and I hope that we keep in touch.

Thanks for reading.
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