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new glasses...

We picked up our new glasses today, Dave njbigbear and I went to my eyedoctor in Bogota, NJ a couple of weeks ago for a checkup and we picked up our glasses today.

There is a serious difference between the folks in the mall and a doctor with an office that is independent...

My new glasses fit and the lenses were PERFECT first time.

The place at the mall broke my good pair of frames because the lenses were ground poorly and those glasses didn't work well, they cut new lenses and tried to put them in the frames and busted them, then offered a cheap set of frames as compensation for their screw up.

Dave's new lenses, progressives worked perfectly first time, too.

If I remember correctly, he had a less then stellar experience at the mall with his last pair of glasses also.

Mom is still at the hospital she is having trouble with fluid in her lungs making it hard for her to talk ans catch her breath at times.

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